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Managerial Advisory Services

Managerial Advisory Services

As specialists in financial mediation, we offer dedicated services in the UAE and extend our support to the GCC region. Our expertise in this field allows us to navigate complex financial situations and provide effective mediation solutions to our clients. Trust us to be your trusted partner in resolving financial challenges and achieving optimal outcomes in the UAE and throughout the GCC.

Managerial Advisory Services

In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio of services, we work with specialists and subject matter experts to offer the following services


Managerial Advisory Services

Managerial Advisory Services

Preparation of Expert Reports for financial institutions, commercial entities, engineering companies, and the banking sector

Managerial Advisory Services1

Advisory and expert reports for the disposition of properties with default mortgages

Managerial Advisory Services2

Advisory in maritime disputes including the Attachment of ships in the UAE and abroad

Financial Mediation Services3

Mediation in the finance of contracting and real estate development

Managerial Advisory Services3

Mortgage and re-Mortgage services

Managerial Advisory Services4

Auditing and Tax Default Advisory

Managerial Advisory Services5

Advisory in Acquisition and Mergers

Managerial Advisory Services7

Company restructuring

Managerial Advisory Services9

Recommendation of possible strategic service providers or partners to support operations in the GCC region