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Our services

Integrated financial solutions

for companies, institutions and individual investors

The Smart solutions providing financial counseling to groups and organizations struggling with financial issues and delinquency. We are working closely with financial institutions to secure new capital, search for possible investment partners.


With our team’s practical expertise, we bring extensive experience in loan rescheduling, financial mediation, company finance, real estate projects, mortgages, and Crossborder Financing Arrangements.

We excel in the intricate domain of international finance and leasing mediation, particularly within the commercial shipping and aviation sectors. This expertise allows us to navigate complex scenarios with ease.

Leveraging our deep knowledge, experience, and well-established connections, we are adept at managing critical processes such as distressed company acquisition and disinvestment, facilitating mergers, establishing joint ventures, and forging strategic partnerships.

Trust in our capabilities to guide you through these complex business endeavors with precision and success, as we leverage our expertise and connections to deliver exceptional results.



Finding the perfect property or navigating the complex world of real estate can be a daunting task. That’s where our real estate expertise comes in. At The Smart Solutions, we excel in real estate activities on a fee or contract basis, helping you buy, sell, or lease properties with confidence.



Our expertise lies in delivering prompt and streamlined advisory and management solutions for debt and delinquency. We prioritize timeliness and efficiency in our services, ensuring that our clients receive the necessary guidance and support to effectively address their debt-related challenges.



Our consulting services encompass a wide range of areas, including mortgage, taxes, acquisition and mergers, as well as company establishment and restructuring. With our expertise in these domains, we provide valuable guidance and strategic advice to help clients navigate the complexities and make informed decisions in these critical areas of their business.



As specialists in financial mediation, we offer dedicated services in the UAE and extend our support to the GCC region. Our expertise in this field allows us to navigate complex financial situations and provide effective mediation solutions to our clients. Trust us to be your trusted partner in resolving financial challenges and achieving optimal outcomes in the UAE and throughout the GCC.